Inferior Laws

I’m going to have to explain the SCOTUS news to my kids. It won’t be easy. So here is what I plan to say.

Don’t expect your government to set the highest law in your life. Governments have always, always, always failed to set a high enough standard.

Government says “Don’t kill”, but the higher standard is “Don’t hate”.

Government law says “Don’t hit your wife” but God’s law says “If you don’t treat your wife properly, I will not listen to your prayers.”

Government law says “Don’t abuse your kids.” But God’s law says “Don’t bully your kids, and push them to wrath.”

Remember that God’s law is ALWAYS the highest and best. Do not stoop to merely obey Government law, it falls WAY too short. Always.

So live a life worthy of respect, live a life so full of honesty and integrity that causes others to say, “If that is what being a Christian is, then I want it.”

Serve your spouse in such a way that others see it and say, “If that is what Christian marriage is, I want it.”

Treat your parents & children with dignity and sacrificial love, so that others see it and say, “If that is how Christian families work, then I want it.”

It isn’t supposed to be easy to be a follower of Christ. Jesus didn’t fit in to his world, and his followers are not supposed to fit in with ours. What we are called to do is live our lives as he did. Sacrificially. Loving others to truth. Letting our lives shine in dark places, so that it shines the light of hope and healing to others.

Cursing the darkness never brings about light. Only light can bring light. So shine.
Let your light shine so brightly, that darkness looses its appeal. Light is stronger than darkness.


  1. Thank you for a well articulated, without condemning or pointing fingers, article about our country’s most recent step into darkness. I want to print this article for my daughter-in-love to share with my granddaughters. It’s a slippery slope and our children need to be taught there is a higher standard we should follow as children of God. God bless you as you continue with your gift of writing and sharing your wise insight.

  2. Beautifully written and very well said! Thank you for this, and may we all strive to live it out. Love ya!

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