Christmas Math

+ 1
– 1
it sounds like simple math,
but when it involves people,
the answer is NEVER simple.

Add a child, or a spouse,
or a friend,
and it is SO much more
than just adding a number
to your contact list.

Have a child, spouse
or friend subtracted,
and the loss is

It is never simple math
when it comes to people.
Never simple when it comes
to relationships.

This season,
if you are experiencing
the joy of addition,
or the sorrow of
may Christmas math
bring you hope.
Loss, is not the end.
Grief, is not the end.
Death, is not the end.

That is the beauty of
+1 Christ child
doesn’t just add a number
for the population count.
It adds hope.
It adds light.
It adds peace.

But it doesn’t just add
it also subtracts.
It takes away despair.
It takes away darkness.
It takes away sin.

Here is to Christmas math
may the addition of Christ
double your joys,
help heal your hearts
and bring you hope.

+1 Christ child
= everything!

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