Someday and her sister Later are two sweet talking siblings who rob us blind, waste our potential and keep us unhealthy, weak, broke and unhappy.  They tell us that our future selves are stronger, more disciplined and better able to handle things. They lull us into believing our actions right now don’t matter. They say that later on we will have more time, more energy and more strength to tackle the things in our lives that need to be addressed. They lie. Tomorrows clock will still have only 24 hours.  Next years calendar will still hold only 52 weeks. Future us will not have moreRead More →

My child is frustrated.   He wants soooooooo desperately to read,  but is chafing over the fact that he is being  forced to first learn letters.   He does NOT want to learn letters,  they are such small things,  his heart yearns for BIG things.   Like sentences, chapters, volumes.  He is itching to dive into the adventures  encased within the tomes  his older siblings are consuming.  He is hungry for WORDS.  And I am wasting his time on letters.   His vision is BIG.   And he thinks mine is too small. Have you ever been there?   Ever felt frustrated because you  wanted,Read More →